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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

You can assign forms using the form assignment screen. Each form will be indexed automatically using information from the associated chart.

To assign forms to a patient:

  1. Retrieve a chart. You may need to first open a chart from the chart search context. See Searching for Charts.

    You can assign forms only for the specific chart retrieved. If the patient has pending forms for another chart, you cannot assign forms for that chart unless you explicitly retrieve it.

  2. Click the Add Forms button in the Currently Assigned Forms list.

    The Create New Patient Packet dialog is displayed.

  3. Add the necessary forms to the Forms to Assign list.
    • To filter the list of Available Forms, see Filtering Available Forms.

    • To add forms to the Forms to Assign list, see Choosing Forms to Assign.

    • To remove forms from the Forms to Assign list, see Removing Forms to Assign.


      Certain forms may be designated as required, depending on the packet type. You can create a packet without assigning all required forms. For example, a required form may already be assigned to the patient as part of another packet.

  4. Click Assign Forms to assign the packet of forms to the patient.

    The forms are added to the Currently Assigned Forms list. The name of each form is preceded by an internal ID number indicating the packet the form belong to.