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Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

When a form is configured with an AutoFill Keyword Set, a primary value can be entered on a form and the secondary values will be populated. Enter a primary keyword value and press Tab on the keyboard to expand the AutoFill Keyword Set. Alternately, you can press Enter to expand an AutoFill Keyword Set after entering a primary keyword value. Upon pressing Enter a second time after expanding the AutoFill Keyword Set, the form will submit. If a primary value has more than one set of secondary values associated with it, the values will be displayed for selection. The following is an example of this:

Click Select next to the values you want to use for the form.

Keyword Types belonging to an AutoFill Keyword Set that are assigned to the Document Type the form belongs to will be expanded regardless of whether the Keyword Types are on the form itself. The expanded Keyword Type values will be displayed in the keyword panel.

When using Single Instance Keyword Type Groups and standard Keyword Types together, values will be expanded in both the Keyword Type Group and across standard Keyword Types. If the primary keyword is in a Single Instance Keyword Type Group or standard Keyword Type, values in Multiple Instance Keyword Type Groups are not expanded.

When a primary Keyword Type is in a Multiple Instance Keyword Type Group, only the Keyword Types in the AutoFill Keyword Type Set that are a part of the Multiple Instance Keyword Type Group are expanded.

If using Unity Forms in conjunction with the Unity Briefcase, and the Unity Briefcase Field Application is configured with an AutoFill Keyword Set, the AutoFill Keyword Set will be available on the form. AutoFill Keyword Sets that are not included in the Field Application are not available.


Unity Forms only supports multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets when using the form's user interface. Multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets are not supported in Unity Forms during re-indexing or when editing keyword values in a keyword panel. Multiple AutoFill Keyword Sets must be expanded within the form.