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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

Repeating sections allow you to easily configure Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups on a form. Repeating sections also allow you to configure non-keyword fields that you would like to have multiple instances of on a form. Repeating sections allow you to define what fields can be repeated without requiring you to define the number of instances allowed during form design. You can create fields on the fly at run time. This is accomplished by simply creating a repeating section or table and placing controls that you want to repeat within it.


If the repeating section on your form is not configured with a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group, the data entered in the fields in the repeating section is saved to the Disk Group (XML) Document Type.

In the following example, upon entering data in the first set of fields, you can click Add to create another set of fields for data entry.

This form allows effortless field creation at the time the user needs additional fields. In the next screen, we can see that another row was added to enter an additional item.

To create a set of values for a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group:

  1. In the form, click Add.
  2. Fields for the keywords within a Multiple Instance Keyword Type Group are displayed for input.
  3. Enter the appropriate values for the keywords.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each instance of a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group you want to add to the form.
  5. Save or submit the form.

    You can remove an instance by clicking the corresponding Remove button.