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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

Your form may be configured to require you to verify that you are an actual person filling out the form and it is not being filled out programmatically. When this is required, the following control is displayed on your form:


When using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Compatibility Viewing must be turned off. If this is not turned off, you will get a message stating that a browser upgrade is required.


The form must be online for this control to have access to the required CAPTCHA service.

To complete this field:

  1. Select the I'm not a robot check box.
  2. A group of images with a question will display. Follow the on-screen instructions to answer the question correctly.
  3. When the question is answered, click Verify.
  4. Once it is verified correctly, a green check will display in the control and the form can be submitted once all other information is correctly entered.