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Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

You can assign Processor Notification Groups to a configured HxC Import Processor process. Assigning Processor Notification Groups allows you to use configured Processor Notifications to send notifications on the status of an HxC Import Processor process when it is run.

To assign a Processor Notification Group, you must first configure a Processor Notification Group and assign Processor Notifications to it. To configure a Processor Notification Group and Processor Notifications, see Configuring Processor Notifications.

To assign a configured Processor Notification Group:

  1. In the OnBase Configuration module, select Import | HxC Import Processor. The HxC Import Configuration dialog box is displayed.
  2. From the HxC Import Processing Format list, select a process that you want to configure notifications for and click Notifications. The Assign Processor Notification Groups dialog box is displayed.
  3. From the Available Processor Notification Groups list, select a Processor Notification Group you want to assign to the selected HxC Import Processor process and click Add. The Processor Notification Group is now assigned to the selected process and listed under the Selected Processor Notification Groups list.
  4. Click Close.