Assigning Process Formats and Scan Queues - Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor - Foundation 23.1 - Foundation 23.1 - Ready - OnBase - external

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

When a Processor Notification is configured, you must assign one or more process formats or Scan Queues to the configured notification type.


For more information on configuring Scan Queues, see the Document Imaging module reference guide.

To assign Process Formats and Scan Queues:

  1. From the Processor Notifications dialog box, select a Processor Notification Group and click the Processors/Scan Queues button. The Assign Process Formats/Scan Queues dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select one or more Process Formats from the Available Process Formats/Scan Queues list and click Add.
    To remove a Process Format from the Selected Process Formats/Scan Queues list, select that Process Format and click Remove.
  3. Click Close.