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Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

The HxC Import Processor processes export packages from the Hyland Experience Capture application and converts the contents of the export packages into documents and extracts Keyword Values. For more information on export packages, see Understanding the HxC Export Package.

A HxC Import Processor process is configured to be automatic and runs on a scheduled timer using the Unity Scheduler Service. You can also configure a HxC Import Processor process to send automatic email notifications using the distribution service.

To use the HxC Import Processor, you must complete the following items:

  • Create any Document Types and Keyword Types to which HxC content is imported and indexed.

  • Create a Keyword Type specifically for indexing the HxC Batch ID.


    For more information on configuring Document Types and Keyword Types, see the sections on Document Type and Keyword Type configuration in the System Administration module reference guide.

  • Create a Scan Queue through which HxC content is processed. If you create the scan queues using the Capture Process Designer, full user interaction on batches in the scan queue will only be available in the Unity Client.


    Both standard Scan Queues and custom Scan Queues for custom capture processes are supported. For more information on creating Scan Queues, see the section on Scan Queue configuration in the Document Imaging module reference guide.

  • Assign specific User Group rights to user groups. For more information on assigning these rights, see Assigning User Group Rights.

  • Have access to HxC export packages in either a local or shared network directory.


    You must use a UNC path if your HxC export package resides in a network location. Mapped drives cannot be used.

  • Configure an import process using the OnBase Configuration module. For more information, see Creating an Import Process.

  • Configure a Unity Scheduler task to run configured HxC Import Processor processes on a scheduled basis. For more information, see Creating an Import Processor Unity Scheduler Task.