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Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

Once a batch is committed and in the Committed queue, additional options are available from the right-click menu:

Menu Option


Re-perform Custom Processing

Enables the user to re-perform custom processes configured for the Scan Queue. Once custom processes are re-performed, the batch remains in its current status queue.

Locate Batch

Allows you to find a batch within the batch status queue by searching by a text string. The string can appear in any of the descriptions of the batch (for example, Batch #, Batch Name, or Scan Date - Time).

A message indicating the number of string matched is displayed. Once you confirm and close the message, the matches are highlighted in the Document Imaging window.

Rename Batch

This option allows you to rename the batch.

Redate Batch

Modifies the document dates for items in the batch. Since most document Auto-Name strings contain the Document Date, this option will rename the documents as well. Depending on the number of documents in the batch, this option may take some time.

Refresh Batch Status

Reloads current batch information to the Document Imaging window.

Perform Custom Process

Processes code contained in the mzBatchProcess.dll.

Create List Report

Generate a SYS List Contents Report containing the document names (Auto-Name strings) for the documents in the selected batch.

Create Keyword List

Create an output file containing Keyword Values. See Creating a Keyword List for instructions on how to use this feature.

Show Batch Summary

Opens the Batch Summary Report for the selected batch, which gives information about the current batch status, number of indexed and unindexed documents, and the time and date of actions performed in the batch.

Change Scan Queue

Allows a user to change the Scan Queue to which the batch is assigned.


This does not change the Disk Group in which the documents are stored.

Run Script

Displays a list of all the custom VBScripts available to the user. This option will run the selected VBScript against the document selected.

View Documents

Displays a list of the documents in the batch.

Clear Selected

Deselects the selected items.

Select Batch Range

Select a range of batches to view in the queue.

Purge Selected

Deletes selected batches.


If a user is working within this batch, it is locked to other users attempting to index or purge it.


Reloads updated information within the window.