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Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

When working with batches in the Batch Processing layout, you can send these batches to a different Scan Queue to take advantage of this other Scan Queue's processing options. When using this option, note the following:

  • A batch can only be sent to a scan queue that shares at least one common status queue with the batch's current scan queue (for example, Awaiting Index).

  • When a batch is sent to another scan queue, the Disk Group the batch is associated with does not change.

  • This option is only available when you have been granted the necessary rights. For more information, contact your system administrator.

  • When using this option to send a batch from standard batch processing to a scan queue configured for custom capture processing, the batch is sent to the first status step after the default import status step.

To use this option in the Batch Processing layout, right-click on a batch and select Send To | Scan Queue. The Send To: Scan Queue dialog box is displayed.

The potential destination scan queues are listed alongside their queue ID numbers. To sort the list by either the Queue ID number or the Queue Name, click the corresponding column header. To sort the list in reverse order (for example, ascending or descending), click the same column header again.

If you have a long list of potential destination scan queues, you can use the filtering controls below each column header or begin typing a value in one of the search fields below each column header. Only the scan queues whose names contain the value you typed in the search field or match your filter settings will then be displayed. For more information on filtering Unity Client data lists, see the Unity Client module reference guide.

Once you have chosen a destination scan queue from the list, do one of the following to send the selected batch to that scan queue:

  • Select the desired scan queue and click Send.

  • Double-click the desired scan queue.