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Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

You must have Administrative Processing Privileges to commit or purge documents.

After you have determined that the batch is valid, it can be committed. Failure to do so may compromise the system integrity.


Batches in the Awaiting Commit queue can be retrieved just like any other document in the system. Commit or Purge batches as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of users retrieving documents from an invalid batch.

Once a batch is committed, it can no longer be purged. To delete documents from a committed batch, see Deleting Documents from a Committed Batch.

To commit a batch:

  1. From the Unity Client, click Batch Processing from the Imaging ribbon group on the Home ribbon. The Batch Processing window is displayed.
  2. Select the status queue in which the newly processed batch is stored.
  3. Select the batch to commit.
  4. Right-click the batch and select Commit Selected. The batch is committed and moves to the Commit queue. The Commit queue maintains all batches that are in the system.