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Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor

Hyland Experience Capture Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

You can verify the process by viewing the system-generated verification report included with the created batch.

To verify the batch:

  1. From the Web Client, click Batch Indexing from the main menu's Document section. The Batch Indexing layout is displayed.
  2. Select the batch status queue that contains the batch (for example, Awaiting Index).
  3. From the list of batches in the right pane, select the newest batch.
  4. Open the batch to view the scanned documents by doing one of the following:
    • Right-click the batch and select View Documents.

    • Double-click the batch.

  5. From the list of documents, double-click on the Verification Report to view it in the Document Viewer.
    The verification report displays information on the process, including the format run, the files processed, the length of time it took to process, the documents found, errors generated, and the total number of documents processed.

    Invalid Keyword Value warnings do not stop a batch from processing. Batches with invalid Keyword Values are processed in OnBase and follow all configured options.

    The number of unidentified documents should be 0(zero). If there are unidentified items, view the documents to determine why they are not identified. The process may need to be modified to accommodate the items.
  6. Review the individual documents in the batch.
    In most cases, the list of documents in the batch will contain an auto-name string, or document title, that contains one or more of the Keyword Values imported during the process.

    If there is no Auto-Name string for one or all of the items, the process may need to be reconfigured.

  7. After reviewing, do one of the following:
    • If the batch is determined to be successful, index the batch. See Indexing a Batch.

    • If the batch is determined to be unsuccessful, purge the batch. See Purging a Batch.


    After running a process, even if a user is restricted by a Security Keyword applied to the documents in a Scan Queue, the user can see both the document and the document's Keyword Values from the Document Imaging Batch Status Queue. All Security Keyword rules still apply when the user tries to view documents from the Document Search Results window (even if the batch hasn't been committed).