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Foundation 23.1

Whether you are creating a new coded value set or plan to use one of the default ones, you will need to add coded values to it. To configure a coded value set:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Medical | IHE | Coded Value Sets.

    The IHE Coded Value Set Configuration dialog box is displayed.

    In this dialog box, you can view, modify, and create coded value sets.


    Whether created automatically for a new community or manually by a user, existing coded value sets cannot be deleted.

  2. Depending on whether you want to create a new set or modify an existing one, do one of the following:
    • To create a new coded value set, enter a name for it in the field provided and click Create.

    • To view or add to an existing set, select it from the list and click Coded Values.

    The Coded Value Set Configuration dialog box is displayed.

    In this dialog box, the coded values belonging to the set are listed by Display Name, Code, and Coding Scheme. You can view the settings of already existing coded values, but they cannot be changed or deleted.

  3. To add a new coded value to the set, click Create.

    The IHE Coded Value dialog box is displayed.

  4. Use the fields in the IHE Coded Value dialog box to configure the coded value:



    Display Name

    The human-readable name which the coded value is translated as.


    The coded value recognized by all systems in the community.

    Coding Scheme

    The scheme the coded value belongs to, recognized by all systems in the community. The coding scheme is always included alongside the coded value in messages.

    Coding schemes act as a kind of assigning authority used to uniquely identify coded values. A single coded value set can contain multiple schemes, each with non-unique coded values.

  5. Click Save when you are finished configuring the coded value to add it to the set.

    Double-check to ensure that all fields are filled out correctly; they cannot be modified once saved. If any coded values are misconfigured, you may need to create a new set and start over.

  6. Add more coded values as necessary until configuration of the set is complete.