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Foundation 23.1

To create a new community rule:

  1. In the Community Processing Rules dialog box, click the Create button.

    The Create New Rule dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select a Processing Type from the drop-down list, depending on which context you want the rule to be used in:
    • Repository: Rules used to translate incoming message data and save it to documents in the form of keywords.

    • Source: Rules used to translate document data into outgoing messages.


      New rules cannot be created for the System processing type.

    When a processing type is selected, message attributes for that processing type are listed.

  3. Select the message attribute that you want to create a rule for and click OK, or double-click the attribute.

    If a listed message attribute displays YES in the Rule Exists column, there is already another rule which controls it for the selected processing type. Only one rule can exist for each message attribute.

    The Rule Settings dialog box is displayed.

  4. Configure the new rule as needed. See Rule Types and Settings for more information.
  5. When configuration is complete, click Save to create the new rule.