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Image Masking

Image Masking
Foundation 23.1

Hyland Software is dedicated to ensuring that OnBase is compatible with Windows User Account Control (UAC). UAC is a feature of Windows operating systems that was introduced with Windows Vista. It limits the ability of standard users to make global system changes to a workstation and prevents malicious software from making unauthorized changes to protected areas.

For details on UAC, refer to your Microsoft support information or see

You may encounter UAC in OnBase when:

  • Installing or uninstalling OnBase, OnBase modules.

  • Copying, moving, or saving files to the Program Files directory, Windows directory, or another protected location.

  • Modifying system-wide settings, such as the registry.

  • Re-indexing a document or opening a scanned batch using published Internet Explorer from a Remote Desktop Server.

If Windows UAC is enabled, the above operations may prompt for administrator privileges or credentials, even if an administrator is currently logged on.