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Foundation 22.1

The following information may be useful when using Keyword Types in conjunction with Auto-Name strings:

  • The Keyword Types that appear in the Keyword Type drop-down list are the Keyword Types that were assigned in the Keyword Type Assignment dialog box.

  • To add a Keyword Type to the Auto-Name string, select a Keyword Type from the Keyword Type drop-down list and, wherever your cursor is positioned, it will automatically be added into the auto-name field.

  • If a Date or Date & Time Keyword is configured to display in the Auto Name string, the keyword is displayed according to the workstation's Regional Settings.

  • If you have multiple values for a Keyword Type, you can add multiple Keyword Values to the Auto-Name string. Enter 2 in the Repeat field and select the Keyword Type from the Keyword Type drop-down, and the Keyword Type symbol is displayed twice into the Auto-Name field.


For example, you may want to repeat a Keyword Type in the Auto-Name string for documents related to checking accounts. Checking accounts often have two names assigned to the account, and you may want both names to be displayed in the Document Search Results list.