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Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

Creating a Statement Type allows you to define the settings of the final printed statement.

To create a Statement Type:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Printing | Statement Type. The Statement Type dialog box is displayed.

    The parameters necessary to direct the rendering of statements are defined at the Statement Type dialog box, using the Settings, Primary Document and Secondary Document buttons.




    Accesses the Statement Type settings [statement type name] dialog box, where the matching method is specified. Settings also direct the method of archiving and outputting the rendered data. See Statement Type Settings

    Primary Document

    Accesses the Primary Document Type - [statement type] dialog box. This dialog box identifies the keyword used to match the primary and secondary documents, as well as certain print parameters that control how the rendered documents are formatted. Configure the Primary Document Type

    Secondary Document

    Accesses the Secondary Document Type - [statement type] dialog box, where the Document Types that will be matched to the primary document are identified. Configure the Secondary Document Type When all parameters have been defined, select Close.

  2. Position the cursor in the data entry field at the bottom of the dialog box and type the name for the statement type.
  3. Click Create. The Statement Type settings [Statement Type Name] dialog box is automatically displayed. For more information on the Statement Type settings [Statement Type Name] dialog box, see Statement Type Settings.
  4. When all the parameters have been defined for the Statement Type, click Close.