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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

If Use separate jobs for printing and archiving was enabled at the Statement Type Settings dialog box, click Archive Overlay to specify settings for the overlay that will be displayed on the archived documents. Enter the appropriate values at the Archive Overlay Settings dialog box, then select Save.

Overlay Settings


Overlay Image

This drop-down list contains all of the overlays that have been stored in OnBase. (When overlays are imported into the document management system, they are stored under the Document Type SYS Overlay Images.) Also accessible by the keyboard shortcut ALT + O.

Font Options

This drop-down list allows you to choose a different font for the overlay when it is applied. This is where a Named Font can be assigned. Also accessible by the keyboard shortcut ALT + F.


These values correspond to the left, right, top, and bottom margins of the overlay (in pixels) and define how the overlay will appear over the document. You can type positive or negative values into the margin fields. You may have to try several combinations of margin configurations before the overlay fits the document correctly. Each text field is accessible by the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Left: ALT + E

  • Top: ALT + T

  • Right: ALT + R

  • Bottom: ALT + B