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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

The settings in the Secondary Document Page Header dialog box are only respected for Statement Types that use the Embedded Match Match Style.

Click the Header button on the Primary Document Type dialog box to display the Secondary Document Page Header dialog box. This dialog box allows you to set the location and font to be used for the header on the pages on which the secondary documents print. The values in the Horizontal Position and Vertical Position text boxes should be entered in inches.

Click Configure to configure the string to be used for the secondary document page header. The Secondary Document Header Configuration dialog box, similar to the Title Configuration dialog box, allows you to choose information from the primary document to be used as a header for the secondary document pages. For more information about this dialog box and how to configure the auto-name string, please see Auto-Name Configuration.

By using this information in a page header, if two printed statements ever get intermingled, as may happen if they were dropped on the floor, you would be able to put the statements back together matching the appropriate secondary document pages to the statement.


Because the primary Keyword Type configured for the Statement Type is not hard-coded into the Header, be sure to configure it in the string if you want it to be displayed in the Header.