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Foundation 22.1

Selecting Date Range on the Secondary Document Type dialog box will display the Secondary Date Range dialog box. This dialog box allows you to tell OnBase to use a date relationship as well as the common Keywords when checking for secondary documents in OnBase.

The default option of No dates means that only the common Keywords will be used when OnBase looks for secondary documents.

Using the Date Match option, OnBase will use the dates that were entered on the dialog when you chose to print the statement.

Setting this option to Same Month means that the secondary documents must have a document date within the same month as the primary document.

The Date Within Range option uses the document date of the primary document as well, but allows you to specify any range (as opposed to just within the same month) using the Days before and Days after fields.

The last option, Match Against Keywords, allows you to choose the secondary documents using Keywords that have been saved on the primary document. You can choose a from date Keyword Type from the From Date Keyword Type drop-down list and a to date Keyword Type from the To Date Keyword Type drop-down list in order to set the date range for the secondary documents. The Inclusive option for each of these Keywords allows you to tell OnBase whether documents with a date equal to the value should be returned as secondary documents.