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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1
  1. Click the Secondary Document button on the Statement Type dialog box. The Secondary Document Type dialog box is displayed.
  2. In this dialog box you must select all the secondary Document Types that OnBase should look for when creating the printed statement. To add a Document Type to the statement type, select the Document Type in the Available Document Types list box and select Add>>. The Document Type appears in the Selected Document Types list box. << Remove deselects the Document Type as a secondary Document Type for rendering.

    Once a Document Type has been removed as a secondary Document Type, all of the settings associated with that Document Type have also been removed and must be reset if the Document Type is added to the statement type again.

  3. To configure the additional settings for a secondary Document Type, select the secondary Document Type in the list box and then select the Relation, Date Range, Title, Print Options, and Settings buttons, as needed. These parameters are described in the following text.

    Relation, Date Range, Title, Print Options, and Settings must be set for each secondary Document Type selected for the statement type. Configuring only one of the secondary Document Types will not affect the options on another.

  4. When all parameters for the secondary Document Type are satisfactory, select Close.