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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

Selecting Title on the Secondary Document Type dialog box will display the Title Configuration dialog box. This dialog box allows you to configure a string to appear on the pages for the secondary Document Type. This string can include information such as the Document Type and Keywords on each secondary document. The Symbols Used section lists the representation of this generic information in the title string. Anything that is not a symbol will be seen exactly as it is typed into the Title String text box. The buttons to the right of the dialog box may be used to add the appropriate symbols to the text box at the current cursor location. To add Keyword values to the title string, you must select the Keyword Type in the Keyword Type drop-down list. Enter the number of Keyword values that should be added to the title string, if more than one exists, in the Repeat text box.

For more information about configuring an auto-name string using this dialog box, please see Auto-Name Configuration.