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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

This mark type represents a Wrap-Around Sequence which indicates some sort of count statistic. Set the Minimum value and the Maximum value. The Minimum field value is the starting point of the wraparound sequence. The Maximum field value the maximum amount of pages/documents in the wraparound sequence and the desired ending point. The count starts at the minimum and increments to the maximum. When it increments past the maximum, it resets to the minimum value. A user may use this to indicate which page of a statement the process is on or which document of a batch the process is on, for example.

After selecting WAS Mark from the Numeric Mark Type drop-down, select the appropriate options to configure the mark type.

Mark Printing Option


Hexadecimal Output

The hexadecimal output check box outputs a numeric string in hexadecimal format (it will use capital letters).

Total Pages

When this option is selected, the wraparound sequence will always count to the maximum number of pages selected, regardless of the page count in each document, and will repeat through the entire batch of statements.

Document Pages

When this option is selected, the wraparound sequence will follow the page count of each document. The sequence will reset to the configured minimum amount at the beginning of each new document.

Document Sequence

When this option is selected, every page of a specific document is marked identically, and the sequence increments for each new document. For example, if a minimum is set at 1, every page of the first document of the batch is marked as 1. Every page of the second document of the batch is marked as 2. This sequence continues until the maximum number is reached, and then the sequence is reset.