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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

After all marks and mark types have been configured with the appropriate settings and positions, the resulting configuration can be viewed before it is applied to any Statement Types. This can aid in troubleshooting as well as making sure that a configuration is exactly what it should be.

To view configured marks:

  1. Select Printing | OMR Configuration. The OMR Configuration dialog box displays.
  2. Select the configured OMR Type and click the Visualize button. The OMR Visual Test dialog box displays.
  3. Click the First, Next, Last, and First and Last buttons to display the appropriate pages.

    OMR Operation



    Displays what will be the first page of a new document.


    Displays what would be the next page (after the first) of a new document.


    Displays what would be the last page of a new document.

    First and Last

    This button is for a one-page document where the first and last page are the same.

    The Clear button will reset the display windows.


    The pages will display in the panes in the order you click the buttons.

  4. When done, click Exit. For more information about assigning an OMR type to a Statement Type, see Bar Codes.