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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

Global client settings affect general Client settings. Some of these settings affect the Image Statements module.

To change your global client settings, in the Configuration module, select Users | Global Client Settings. The Global Client Settings dialog box is displayed.

The following options on the Processing tab are supported for use with Image Statements. For information on the other global client settings and how they may affect OnBase, including Image Statements, see the System Administration module reference guide or the Configuration help file.



Force compatible Image Statement software rendering

Forces Image Statements to use a previous rendering engine when the current rendering engine produces unexpected printer output.

Disable Image Statements client side enclosure/reconciliation configuration

Disables the Add Enclosure / Reconciliation Item(s) right-click option from a document search results list or folder in the OnBase Client. This restricts the configuration of enclosure and reconciliation items (for example, through the Enclosure / Reconciliation Items dialog box) to the Configuration module.

Clip IRD Images for statement rendering

Crops IRD check images for statement rendering when either one of the following statements is true:

  • The embedded file indicates the check image is an IRD

  • The image is a check image and the Position 44 Keyword Type is assigned to the Check Image Document Type and has a value of 4 or 5