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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

Specify settings related to the distribution of the rendered statements.

Distribution Settings Option


Enable Distribution for this Statement Type

This check box is required when using the Document Distribution module to electronically distribute the rendered Image Statements.

Aggregate Documents Prior to Distribution: Select this check box if you would like to combine multiple email or CD jobs being sent to the same recipient into one job. If you are aggregating email jobs, select By Recipient to aggregate statements by recipient or select By Email to aggregate statements by email. The By Recipient and By Email options do not affect CD job aggregation.

Enable CD Distribution: Select this check box if using Document Distribution to distribute the rendered statements via CD media. Do not select this check box for statement types that will be delivered via other methods.

When the CD Overrides Other Distribution Methods check box is selected, CD will be the media used to distribute the rendered statements regardless of any other configured Document Distribution methods. This ensures that a recipient does not receive the same information in other formats that they received on a CD.

Export Manager Name: The Export Manager is used to direct the distribution of the rendered statements for publishing if the workstation is licensed for Automated CD/DVD Authoring. Select the Export Manager that has been configured for CD distribution from the drop-down list. This is a mandatory parameter when distributing via CD.