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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

If you have a Statement Type that uses a match file to determine the criteria for matching primary to secondary documents, you must get a new match file for each batch of statements (primary documents) that will be used in that rendering process.

This is because the match file holds information to link the documents expected for the statement, to documents stored in OnBase. When a new batch of statements is brought into OnBase, you would most likely be bringing in batches of secondary documents to go with them. Thus, an old match file cannot be used because, at the time that file was generated, the new secondary documents did not even exist. For this reason, you must associate a match file with a particular batch of statements.

A statement match file is a list of fixed length records. Each record represents a document that will be printed when the record's account number is matched to the primary document. OnBase will take the information in each record and convert it to keywords that it will use to render the matching documents. Only those documents that match a line in the match file will be printed when the statement is rendered.

The columns of the document information and their meaning are given below. Each record is one line terminated by a new line character.

The match file must contain at least one entry for each account to be printed. This applies even when the statement must be printed, but there are no image items for the statement. A statement that has entries such as a blank check number or a zero or blank amount will result in no secondary document printed.

All of the entries for one account must be contiguous in the file. If the records for one account are not contiguous, this will result in only some of the expected documents being printed when the statement is rendered.

The Format Number represents a print format number configured in OnBase. If there is a value for the format number, OnBase will use this print format instead of the one chosen for the statement type. The match file must be an ASCII file.