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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

The Format File match style allows you to specify the file location of the format file using a UNC path. The format file links Keyword Values to specific Statement Types.

The information contained in a format file indicates what format is applied when printing rendered statements. The format used for printing is dependent on what Keyword Value is found on the primary document configured for the Statement Type, and what Statement Type alias the file associates with that Keyword Value.

To specify the format file location and alias for the selected Statement Type:

  1. Click the Match Style Settings button. The Format File Settings dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter the UNC path to the format file in one of the following ways:
    • Type the UNC path and the format file name into the Format File Name and Path field.

    • Click the Browse button to browse to the UNC file path location.

  3. Enter a value in the Format File Alias field for the selected Statement Type. When the format file is processed, rows whose format number matches the configured alias are printed using the selected Statement Type.

    When using an alias, some alias settings take precedence over the default Statement Type settings. All archive settings for the statement are designated by the alias, except Archive Crippled Statements and Archive Statement into System.

  4. Click Save.