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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

Specify the characteristics of the secondary Document Types that will be used in the rendering process. These characteristics will be further refined when Secondary Document is configured at the Statement Type dialog box.

Secondary Document Settings Option


Document Type Group

Select the Document Type Group that contains the secondary Document Types.

Keyword Type Group


This option is only available with the Embedded Match Match Style.

Select a Keyword Type Group for the secondary Document Types, if one exists.


If a Keyword Type Group is selected, only Keyword Types that belong to the selected Keyword Type Group are used for matching. If you are using a Keyword Type Group on a primary Document Type, you must assign a Keyword Type Group or secondary documents are not matched.

Missing Backside Image Bitmap

Select an image to represent the back image of a secondary document when the back image is not available. The default behavior is to print “Back Image Not Available” on the document. The bitmap image will be scaled when necessary.