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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

The process of rendering a statement involves gathering related documents and printing them using a predefined print format. Frequently it also involves archiving the rendered statement back into OnBase and distributing this document along with zero or more related documents.

By default, Image Statements processes rendering, archiving and distributing of documents in a sequential manner. As archiving and distributing documents could take significantly longer than just printing them, the total processing time may increase substantially when those operations are required.

To alleviate this inconvenience, Image Statements incorporates a special setting : Use separate jobs for printing and archiving. This setting instructs Image Statements to create two jobs instead of one: a Printing Only Job and an archive Job. A print only job only process statements that need to be printed and an archive job process all statements that need to be archived back into OnBase(like some statements to be distributed).