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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 22.1

The Image Statements module is used to configure user-defined statement types that establish relationships between one primary document type and zero or more secondary document type(s). Some examples where this type of relationship between document types applies are: banking (where statements are joined with check images), billing (where purchase orders are linked to invoices or other slips), and insurance (where claims can be matched with field reports, estimates, etc.).

Only primary and secondary document types with matching keyword criteria (identified in the statement type) can produce matched, or “rendered” statements. More specific matching criteria (format files and match files) can be configured for the rendering process that further refines the matching, and can even direct the use of specialized print formats under certain match conditions.

Other features that can be specified by the configuration of the statement type include:

  • The order in which the secondary documents are matched/printed with each primary document

  • The format of the primary and secondary documents on the printed page (standard statement rendering)

  • The generation of OMR (Optical Mark Reading) and POSTNET (POSTal Numeric Encoding Technique) bar codes on the rendered documents for ease in mail processing

  • The use of electronic document distribution methods (fax, CD, web posting, email) if the workstation is licensed for Document Distribution

  • Validation that the documents expected to match/print were found in OnBase, and a flag when unmatched or “crippled” statements exist