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Image Statements

Image Statements
Foundation 23.1

Once a statement is placed into a crippled folder, it can be reconciled. If the appropriate secondary documents are in the system, the crippled statement can be reconciled. To reconcile a crippled statement:

  1. Open the File Cabinets by selecting File | Open | File Cabinets.
  2. Expand the Crippled Statements Folders file cabinet.
  3. Select the folder containing the crippled statement(s) you want to reconcile.
  4. Right-click on the statement and select Reconcile Crippled Statement.

    The Reconcile Crippled Statement dialog box is displayed.

  5. Specify the Statement Type you wish to use to reconcile the statement. The drop-down is only populated with the statement types in the system that contain the crippled statement's Document Type configured as a primary document.
  6. Select a date range using the From and To fields. The From field defaults to one month before the crippled statement's document date. The To field defaults to 5 days after the crippled statement's document date.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If there are no documents in the system that could reconcile a statement, a message stating No Documents Found is displayed.

    If there are documents in the system that can reconcile a statement, a dialog box similar to the following is displayed:

  9. Select the document that you want to reconcile, update keywords as appropriate, and click Save.

    In order to save, all required keywords types must have values. In addition, security keyword values must be correct.

  10. Repeat step 9 for each document you want to reconcile. You can use the Previous Item and Next Item buttons to move through the list of documents.
  11. After all documents have been appropriately reconciled, close the dialog box.
  12. In the File Cabinet dialog box, right-click on the statement that you just reconciled and select Render Statement. Render the statement as appropriate.