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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

XML Stylesheets can be configured by Institution allowing different Institutions to have different stylesheets.


Ensure that document types for use with XML Stylesheets have been made revisable by institutions (see Enabling Document Type Revisions for Institutions) and have the Institution # keyword assigned.

To assign an XML stylesheet for a specific Institution in Configuration:

  1. Select Document | Document Types. The Document Types dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the document type to be configured for use with an XML Stylesheet and click XML Style Sheet. The XML Style Sheet Settings dialog box is displayed
  3. Select the appropriate institution in the Institution box. The available revisions is displayed in the Revisions box.
  4. Select the appropriate Revision.
  5. Enter a style sheet name in field at the bottom of the dialog box and click Create. A different XML Style Sheet Settings dialog box is displayed.
  6. Enter the path to the View Style Sheet.
  7. Enter the path to the Print Style Sheet.
  8. Click Save. The second XML Style Sheet Settings dialog box is closed.

    You cannot complete a style sheet configuration if you do not supply the paths to the style sheet.

  9. Repeat steps 3 though 8 for each Institution for which you want to configure a style sheet.
  10. Once all style sheets have been configured, click Close in the first XML Style Sheet Settings dialog box to save the settings and return to the Document Types dialog box.