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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

If a Rimage System is used for backup, export, or distribution of data on CD or DVD, label files are used to determine how the title on the CD or DVD appears when automatically produced by the Rimage unit. The following label files exist in a user-specified folder that was created with the Rimage software was installed:

  • backup.btw(for backup volumes produced by Rimage)

  • export.btw(for export volumes)

  • statement.btw(for document distribution files)

For an institutionally-based system, it may be important to include an institution number on the CD/DVD. This is accomplished by creating new institution-specific label files. To create these files in Configuration:

  1. Select Utils | Institution Names. The Institution Configuration dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click the Institution Number for Rimage Labels check box and click Close to save the setting.
  3. Create the label files for each institution by creating copies of each with a new name. Copies should be renamed according to the schema <label>n.btw, where: <label> represents the type of file (backup, export, statement) and n represents the institution number. For example, to append the institution number for all export volumes produced across institutions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, create the following files: export1.btw, export2.btw, export3.btw, export 4.btw and export5.btw.
  4. If needed, edit each label file. You can alter each file to add a company logo or other plain text. The label will only supply the merge fields described above. No additional values can be merged into the label.

    It is important that any changes you make do not eliminate or alter the meanings of the merge fields. They must remain with the same field number orderings in order for the labeling to properly function.


    For details regarding the creation of label files at the Rimage System, consult your Technical Service Representative.

  5. When the content of the label file is satisfactory, save the changes into the new institutional label file.