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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

The document type revision feature allows changes to be made to any document type configuration on an institutional basis. This allows for one or more institutions to be affected by the revised settings, without affecting other institutions.

The new document type revision is applied on a day-forward point in time. The newly-configured settings will be applied to any new documents brought into the document type, while allowing previously-configured settings to remain applied to the documents originally imported under that revision, for that institution.

To create a document type revision on a single institution basis in Configuration:

  1. Select Document | Document Types. The Document Types dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the document type to be configured, and select Settings. The Document Type Settings dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enable the Revisable by Institution check box.

    Once a document type has been made Revisable by Institution, the option cannot be disabled.

  4. Select Save to close the Document Type Settings dialog box.
  5. Click Keyword Types in the Document Types dialog box. The Keyword Type Assignment dialog box is displayed.
  6. If it is not already included in the Selected column on the right, select the Institution # keyword type and click Add>> to include it in. Click Save to close the Keyword Type Assignment dialog box.

The settings that can be revised on an institutional basis include Overlay settings, E-Form settings, and Data Mining options.


Document Type revisions can be made for View/Print settings, however, the revision cannot be applied on an institutional basis. The revision is created at the top-level and will effect all institutions.

For instructions regarding how to configure document type revisions based on institution, see: