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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

In the Unity Client, administrators and institutional super users can assign institutions to users using the User Administration page. Institutions can only be assigned in layer 3 institutional databases. To assign institutions to users in the Unity Client:

  1. Select File | Administration | User Administration. The Users page and menu ribbon are displayed.
  2. Select the user you want to assign to an institution.

    The Institution column on the Users page lists the last institution logged into by the user or the institution assigned in Configuration to the user. This column updates when a user with access to the Users page logs into the Unity Client, and may not reflect the current assignments.

  3. Click Edit Institutions in the User ribbon. The Institutional Assignment dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select the institution to assign to the user from the Available Institutions. Click the Add Selected Items button to move that institution to the Assigned Institutions column.

    To assign all available institutions to the user, click the Add All Items button.

  5. To remove any assigned institution, select the appropriate institution in the Assigned Institutions column. Click the Remove Selected Items button to move that institution to the Available Institutions column.

    To remove all institutions from the Assigned Institutions column, click the Remove All Items button.


    To properly appear in the Unity Client, any institutions already assigned to a user in Configuration or the Client must be re-assigned in this dialog box. Additionally, the institutions assigned in the Unity Client will override those assigned in Configuration or the Client.

  6. Once the institutions are assigned, click OK to close the dialog box. The user has access to the assigned institutions.