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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

Once overlays have been configured, they can be revised independently for each institution.

  1. At the Configuration main menu bar, select Document, then Document Types.
  2. At the Document Types dialog box, highlight the document type to be revised, and select Add Revision. A warning box appears, indicating that the new revision will be used on a day-forward basis. Past revisions cannot be "reactivated" for future use.
  3. To continue, select OK at the warning box. (Cancel can be selected to exit the revision process without affecting the document type structure.)The Add Revision dialog box is displayed.

    If the Add revision dialog box is not displayed, check that the Revisable by Institution option is active in the Settings dialog box for that document type. The Settings dialog box can be accessed by clicking the Settings button in the Document Types dialog box.

  4. Highlight the Institution that will be configured with the new revision. Users with an assigned institution can only assign overlays for their institution, which will be reflected in the list. Super users will have all institutions (<All>) available for configuration.

    Users in a layer 1 Institutional Database will not see this dialog box.

  5. Click OK. An Information dialog box is displayed confirming that a new revision was created for the document type for the specific institution.
  6. Click OK. The Document Types dialog box is displayed.
  7. At the Document Types dialog box, highlight the document type to be revised, and select Overlay. The Overlay Options dialog box is displayed, reflecting the settings for the currently assigned overlays. A numeric indicator appears in the Revisions list (top left portion of the dialog box), indicating each new revision that has been created for use.
  8. Select the newest revision from the list and the correct institution to be affected by the new configuration.
  9. Select the appropriate settings for the overlay revision. For more information on these settings, see Configuring Overlays for Institutions.
  10. Once the settings have been updated, click Apply, then Close.

    From this point forward, all new documents associated with the highlighted institution(s) will use the newly-configured settings, while older documents will use the same settings they were assigned prior to creating the new revision.


    Previous revisions cannot be selected for current use. They only remain defined for use with previous documents. A numeric identifier in the Revision field cannot be selected for use with the current document type.