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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

When creating an institutional database, refer to the following best practices.


Do not assign multiple Institution # keyword values to any single document. Assigning multiple Institution # keyword values to any document increases the potential for restricted documents to be accessed. If a document needs to be shared among several (but not all) institutions, then create separate copies of the document for each institution. Assigning multiple Institution # keyword values may also cause issues with document overlays or with certain Document Distribution configurations.

  1. Treat the MANAGER and ADMINISTRATOR accounts as institutional Super Users (even if they are not assigned Institution # of 99). These accounts have special rights to configuration. System integrity may be compromised if either of these accounts is assigned to any other institution, thereby allowing access to configuration by the users of that institution.
  2. Assign each institution to a single User Group, and assign all users that will be associated with that institution to that same User Group. This facilitates the adding/removing of users to/from the institution.
  3. Do not use 99 as an actual keyword value for Institution #. System integrity may be compromised if a user gains access to the configuration rights associated with this institution.
  4. Make sure that all document types that will have common access to multiple institutions have the Institution # keyword type assigned. Without this keyword type, institutional segregation of documents will not occur.
  5. If unique document overlays are to be assigned to only some of the institutions segregated for a Document Type, then explicitly assign a common overlay for all of the other institutions. There is no default overlay to be used with all institutions in an Institutional database.