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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

User Groups must be created or configured for use by institutional users. Creating a single User Group for each institution centralizes user administration for that institution, but it is possible to create multiple user groups for a single institution if needed. The following procedure details modifying existing User Groups. For more information on creating new User Groups, see the System Administration module reference guide.

To configure User Groups for institutional users in Configuration:

  1. Select Users | User Groups/Rights. The User Groups & Rights dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the User Group to configure and click Security Keywords. The Security Keyword dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click Create to create a new Security Keyword for that User Group. The Security Keyword Settings dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select the Institution # keyword type from the Keyword Type drop-down select list
  5. Set the Condition to the Equal option.
  6. Select the Static Value option.
  7. In the text field, type the number of the institution associated with that User Group.
  8. Click Save to close the Security Keyword Settings dialog box. The newly configured Security Keyword is listed in the Security Keyword dialog box.
  9. Click Close to close the Security Keyword dialog box and save the settings.