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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

As a final step in the installation of an institutional database, you must engage institutional mode for the entire database.


Once Institutional Mode has been engaged, it cannot be undone.

To engage institutional mode in Configuration:

  1. Select Utils | Engage Institutional Mode. The following dialog box appears.

    If all configuration parameters are satisfactory, and you are currently logged in as the Super User or administrator, select OK.


    Remove User Group Security Keywords and Institution for all Current Super Users should only be used if the previously set configuration parameters are not satisfactory. Generally, these options are used when converting a database that already contains existing configuration settings for certain User Groups.

  2. A final warning message is displayed. Select Yes to proceed with the upgrade.

    Once the institutional database has been engaged, any documents already included in the database should be re-indexed to include the Institutional # keyword. If documents to not have a value assigned for this keyword, only Super Users can access the documents.