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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

Layer 1, the simplest layer, ties the Institution # keyword type on all document types to the same Institution # keyword type assigned as a security keyword at the user group level. No other configuration is required for a Layer 1 institutional database. In this way, all user accounts assigned to a user group will share the same Institution # security keyword. No two institutions should share the same user group. Otherwise, an overlapping of access to documents with different values for Institution # could be accessed by a user.

This layer provides document segregation strictly through the use of the security keywords. As users access documents from document types that have an Institution # keyword assigned, they will only see the documents whose institution-specific keyword value is the same as their security keyword value.


Do not assign multiple Institution # keyword values to any single document. Assigning multiple Institution # keyword values to any document increases the potential for restricted documents to be accessed. If a document needs to be shared among several (but not all) institutions, then create separate copies of the document for each institution. Assigning multiple Institution # keyword values may also cause issues with document overlays or with certain Document Distribution configurations.