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Institutional Databases

Institutional Databases
Foundation 22.1

Using institutional databases in the Unity Client is similar to using any other database, with one additional function. Users in the Unity Client can switch between institutions if they have been given access to more than one institution. To select an institution in the Unity Client:

  1. Click the File menu. If you have access to more than one institution, the Change Institution button is displayed.

    If the Change Institution button is not available, confirm with an institutional super user or administrator that you have been assigned to multiple institutions.

  2. Click the Change Institution button in the File menu. The Institution Selection dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select the institution you want to access from the drop-down select list.
  4. Click OK. The Unity Client restarts.
  5. Log into the Unity Client. You are now in the selected institution. The new institution's name is displayed in the title window of the Unity Client.

The new institution For more information on using the Unity Client, see the Unity Client module resource guide.