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Integration for Cityworks Server

Intagration for Cityworks
Foundation 22.1

To configure the AeCaller.js file to work with the required Cityworks layout and the appropriate OnBase Document Types and Keyword Types:

  1. Open the AeCaller.js file in a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Find or add an if statement for the QueryType that is sent from the button on the Layout Manager XML. For example: if(QueryType == 'WorkOrderQuery')
  3. Edit the if statement code section to use the appropriate Document Type IDs, Document Type Names, Keyword Type IDs, and Keyword Type Names for your solution. For example:

    scrapeURIXML += '<DOCTYPE id="MyDocTypeID" name="MyDocTypeName" />';

    scrapeURIXML += '<KEYWORD id="MyKWID" name="MyKWName" value="';

  4. Save and close the AeCaller.js file.

    It is considered a best practice to maintain backups of this file for use in future upgrades.

  5. Create a folder named OnBase in the WebSite folder of your Cityworks directory. For example: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Cityworks\WebSite\xml\Default.
  6. Copy the modified AECaller.js file and paste it into the OnBase folder.