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Integration for Cityworks Server

Intagration for Cityworks
Foundation 22.1

To allow the Unity Client to listen for communications from the Cityworks web site, you must modify the HttpAutomation setting in the obunity.exe.config file on each workstation. Modifying this value allows the Unity Client to run a search from the Cityworks web site.

To configure the obunity.exe.config file:

  1. Locate the directory where the Unity Client is installed, and open the obunity.exe.config file.
  2. Locate the <Hyland.Canvas.Automation.Services> section.
  3. Locate the following configuration entry: <HttpAutomation enabled="false" port="15412" />.
  4. Modify the HttpAutomation setting by changing the enabled value to true.
  5. Locate the <Hyland.Canvas.Client> section.
    • Modify the ServiceMode setting by changed the enabled value to true.

    • Modify the Application Enabler setting by changing the enabled value to true.

  6. Save and close the obunity.exe.config file.

    If you update the port during this configuration, you must also update the port in the AECaller.js file. See Configuring the AeCaller.js File for more information.