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Integration for Cityworks Server

Intagration for Cityworks
Foundation 22.1

To view documents in OnBase related to a Work Order, Service Request, PLL case, or Inspection, follow these steps:

Note: Depending on which mode (Office or Respond) you are using to access Cityworks, the interface will look different.
  1. Open a Work Order, Service Request, PLL case, or Inspection from your Cityworks application. This procedure uses a PLL case as the example.
  2. Select the View Documents button.

    The location of the View Documents button may vary depending on your system's configuration, and on the page being displayed.

  3. If you are not already logged in to OnBase, you are prompted to do so. Enter your OnBase credentials and click Login. Documents related to the selected Work Order, Service Request, PLL case, or Inspection will be displayed within the Application Enabler's native viewer if you are in Office, or DocPop using the DocPop URL generator if you are in Respond.

    In Office, you are using the Application Enabler's native viewer, which is similar to using the Unity Client. For this reason, similar functionality is not discussed in this documentation. The Unity Client help file is available when using Application Enabler.

    In Respond, you are using the DocPop URL Generator. Access the DocPop manual reference guide for more information.