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Integration for Accela

Integration for Accela
Foundation 22.1

Some documents have one or more Keyword Values displayed automatically when you open the document. You can also view Keyword Values that are not auto-displayed. Depending on your system's configuration, these Keyword Values may be masked or read-only.

To access a document's Keyword Values, do one of the following:

  • From a document in the Document Search Results list, right-click and select Keywords to display the Add/Modify Keywords dialog box.

  • From an open image or text document, right-click and select Keywords to display the Add/Modify Keywords dialog box.

  • From an open OLE document, select Edit | Keywords.

  • From an open PDF document, select Edit | Keywords or click the Keywords button from the viewer control toolbar.

The Add/Modify Keywords dialog box is displayed.

From the Add/Modify Keywords dialog box, you can view or edit Keyword Values, depending on your assigned privileges and the Document Type of the document. Some Document Types are configured to disallow editing of Keyword Values, which renders a document's Keyword Values read-only.


When editing keyword values that are displayed automatically on an opened document, it may be necessary to close and reopen the document to correctly auto-display those values.


As a best practice, do not simultaneously open two instances of the Add/Modify Keywords dialog box or the Re-Index Document dialog box from a single document. The feature that OnBase uses to prevent other users from modifying the document's Keyword Values is activated by the first dialog box used to display the Keyword Values. If you close the first dialog box and keep the other open, then other users will be able to modify the document's Keyword Values.