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Integration for Accela

Integration for Accela
Foundation 22.1

If you have appropriate privileges, you can add, view, edit, or delete notes using the Notes dialog box. The Notes dialog box is available in the following ways:

  • Right-click a document in the Document Search Results list, which allows you to work with notes without opening documents.

  • Right-click an open image document in the Document Viewer and select Notes | View Notes.

  • Click the Note(s) section of the status bar of the Document Viewer.

  • For OLE documents (such as Microsoft Office documents or PDFs):

    • Select Edit | Notes from the OLE viewer menu.

    • Click Edit on an open note in the Notes pane.

    • Click the Add Note button in the Notes pane.

The Notes dialog box is the only way to add, edit, and delete notes on OLE documents in the Web Client. You can view the number of notes on an OLE document in the Note(s) section of the status bar or in the heading of the Notes pane in the Document Viewer. See Notes Pane Viewer for OLE Documents for more information on viewing notes on OLE documents.


If you have privileges to create a note but do not have privileges to modify it, you can modify the note's text only during the same viewing session that you created the note. After you close the document, the note's text becomes read-only.