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Integration for Accela

Integration for Accela
Foundation 22.1

Each document stored in OnBase has an associated Document Type, Document Date, and optional Keyword Types. This information is usually entered when a document is first imported into OnBase upon indexing.

You can change this associated information using the Re-Index feature.


Ensure you understand the effects of re-indexing documents before proceeding. For more information, see Considerations for Re-Indexing Documents and Adding or Modifying Keyword Values.

  1. Save any changes that you have made to a document before re-indexing.
  2. From an open document or from a Document Search Results list, right-click and select Re-Index to open the Re-Index Document dialog box.

    If the original Document Type contains a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group, the Document Type to which you want to re-index must contain the same Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group.

  3. Select a Document Type from the Document Type drop-down list. All Document Types that you have rights to create are displayed.

    If the destination Document Type is configured to use Default Keyword Values, these Keyword Values are assigned to the document when the destination Document Type is selected from the Document Type drop-down list.


    If you select a different Document Type at any point during the re-indexing process, Keyword Values for common Keyword Types are retained. For example, if there is a value for the City Keyword Type, and you switch to a different Document Type that also contains the City Keyword Type, the original City Keyword Value is retained. This also applies to Keyword Types configured to use Default Keyword Values on the initial Document Type. These values are not replaced, even if the new Document Type uses a different set of Default Keyword Values.


    If you are re-indexing a document associated with a Keyword Type Group (KTG) or Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group (MIKTG) filled by an AutoFill Keyword Set to another Document Type associated with the same KTG or MIKTG filled by an AutoFill Keyword Set, the AutoFill Keyword Set may unexpectedly re-populate secondary Keyword Values once the Document Type is changed. For more information, see Considerations for Re-Indexing Documents and Adding or Modifying Keyword Values.

  4. Change the File Type, if needed.
    • Select another file format available from the File Type drop-down list.

    • You can easily change the file format by re-indexing the document instead of re-scanning or re-importing it to OnBase with the corrected file format.

    • File formats available for Re-Indexing depend on your system setup and the file format itself (certain file formats are only available through document processes or system functions.)


    Contact your system administrator before selecting the Image Rendered PDF file format, as selecting this file format without the proper system specifications can cause unexpected behavior.

  5. Change the Document Date, if needed. If a document date is not specified when the document is processed into OnBase, the Document Date is the same as the Date Stored.

    Click the Calendar icon next to the Document Date to select a date.

  6. Depending on your system configuration, the Initiate Workflow check box may be displayed.
    If this check box is selected, a Workflow event is triggered if the creation of a document of this Document Type is configured to trigger a Workflow process. If this check box is not selected, a Workflow process is not triggered even if the creation of a document of this Document Type is configured to trigger a Workflow event.
  7. Change Keyword Values as desired. You can use the Tab key to move to the next Keyword Value field. Note the following:
    • Some Keyword Types may be configured to be uppercase only, while others may be configured to appear in mixed or lowercase.

    • Depending on your system's configuration, certain Keyword Types may appear as read-only in the Re-Index Document dialog box to certain users. These Keyword Types may also be masked.

    • OnBase will not retain two sets of duplicate Keyword Values. For example, a Document Type contains two instances of the Keyword Type First Name, and one value is John and the other value is Sarah. If you change the value of Sarah to John, upon clicking Re-Index, OnBase will only retain one instance of John. If two Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups share identical values, only one of those Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups is retained.


    After changing Keyword Values, click on any field in the dialog box before you click the Index button. This will trigger any AutoFill Keyword Sets that may have been affected by the Keyword Value change. See your system administrator for information regarding your system's AutoFill Keyword Set configuration. Click Exit to cancel changes if you get undesired results.

  8. To add a new Keyword Type field of the same Keyword Type to the document, place the cursor inside the Keyword Type field that you want to duplicate and press F6. This adds a new Keyword Type field. Enter the new Keyword Value.
    If the Keyword Type that you duplicate belongs to a Keyword Type group, then it can only be duplicated if the group is a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group. The entire group is duplicated, not just the selected Keyword Type.
  9. Press Clear Keywords if you want to clear all existing Keyword Values and re-enter new values.
  10. Click Re-Index to save your changes and re-index the document. Click Close to cancel changes.

    Review changes carefully before saving. Once re-indexed, documents can be retrieved using only the new Keyword Values.


    You can also change Keyword Values by right-clicking the document, selecting Keywords, and entering new Keyword Values in the appropriate fields. Re-indexing allows you to change the Document Type in addition to Keyword Values.