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Integration for Accela

Integration for Accela
Foundation 22.1

Integration for Accela configuration involves:

  • Configuring the OnBase Document Types, Keyword Types, and Custom Queries that will be used when interacting with Accela. These OnBase Document Types, Keyword Types, and Custom Queries will be mapped to the Accela Fields that are required for each Accela Entity Type.


    The GetVersion Method is available and will return _NULL_ as the value.

    A single Keyword Type must be mapped to an Accela Field for document retrieval, and for document import. That same Keyword Type (or Keyword Types if using a combination of Accela Fields) must be used across all Document Types that will be associated with Accela.


    For information on configuring OnBase Document Types, Keyword Types, and Custom Queries, see the System Administration module reference guide or Configuration module help files.

  • Defining the datasource in the web.config file of the OnBase Web Server. The datasource is the friendly name of the connection string OnBase uses to communicate with the database and must be defined in one the following elements of the web.config file, depending on which Pop integration the environment uses:

    • Hyland.Web.DocPop

    • Hyland.Web.PdfPop

    • Hyland.Web.FormPop

    • Hyland.Web.FolderPop

  • Completing the required Accela configuration steps, as described in the EDMS-Technical Bulletin document from Accela.

    This document includes instructions for configuring an EDMS that points to the OnBase Accela Web Service via a URL. Accela Automation can then be configured to call the web service methods supplied by OnBase, which creates the integration between both systems.

    Available Accela Automation methods are:

    • Create

    • Delete

    • List

    • Get


    The Update method is not currently supported by the Integration for Accela.

  • Configuring the OnBase AccelaCfg.xml file, as described in OnBaseAccelaCfg.xml.