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Integration for Accela

Integration for Accela
Foundation 22.1

To install the Integration for Accela Automation::

  1. Obtain the Web Service folder and AccelaServiceProvider.dll from your solution provider.
  2. Place the AccelaServiceProvider.dll file in your OnBase Application Server's bin folder.
  3. Copy the contents of the Web Service folder to the desired location for running the Accela web service. This can be on the same server as the OnBase Application Server or a different server that has network access to the OnBase Application Server.

    It is recommended the folder be named AccelaService.

  4. Using Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, create an application for the Accela web service using the AccelaService folder.
    Note: Integration for Accela is a 64-bit application and requires a 64-bit application pool. The Enable 32-Bit Application setting for the Integration for Accela application pool must be set to False.
  5. Ensure that you can reach the AccelaService by opening your web browser and navigating to http://[server name]/AccelaService/AccelaService.asmx.
  6. Open the AccelaService web.config file.

    Do not open the web.config in a binary editor, such as Microsoft Word, because binary editors can introduce invalid characters to the file that cause the service to fail.

  7. Locate the AccelaConfigPath key.
  8. Modify the value attribute to be the full path to the OnBaseAccelaCfg.xml file.
  9. Save and close the AccelaService web.config file.