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Integration for Accela

Integration for Accela
Foundation 22.1

The following best practices should be followed by installers when designing and implementing an Integration for Accela Automation solution:

  1. Work with the customer's Accela administrator and end user representative to determine what interactions will be expected with OnBase from the Accela product. Based on those interactions, consider the impact on implementation by asking the following questions:
    1. How will documents be archived into OnBase ?
      • If they will always use the Accela import feature, will additional Keyword Values need to be added once the documents are in OnBase ?

      • If they will come into OnBase directly (for example, via scanning), how will the Accela CAP ID or CAP ALT ID Keyword Values be added?

    2. Will the Integration for Accela Automation be expected to display documents that are in an existing OnBase system?
      • Do the existing documents already have a Keyword Type to match the Accela CAP ID or CAP ALT ID. If so, is it the same Keyword Type for all Document Types to be retrieved through Accela?

      • If existing documents are to be retrieved, but do not have a Keyword Type for the CAP ID or CAP ALT ID, consider the steps needed to add that Keyword Type.

  2. For each OnBase Document Type that will be associated with Accela, add the following two Keyword Types:
    • Accela Record ID

    • Accela Record Alt ID

    These Keyword Types are mapped to the CAP ID and CAP ALT ID, and can be configured as hidden Keyword Types. The CAP ALT ID is often labeled in Accela based on the context of the record; for example, “Permit Number” in relation to Permitting or “Case Number” in relation to Code Enforcement. In order to achieve this same context friendly labeling in OnBase, use a Workflow system action to copy the value from the Accela Record Alt ID into another Keyword Type that is more user friendly.

  3. Prior to implementing the Integration for Accela Automation, meet with a member of the Accela team who is familiar with the Accela EDMS solution. This person can provide advice to the customer for configuring the Accela application to best match the OnBase Document Type configuration. Discuss the following:
    1. Will all users have access to the Documents tab in Accela Automation?
    2. Which of the following functions will be available from the Documents tab?
      • New

      • Download

      • Delete (this deletes documents from OnBase; it does not send the document to Document Maintenance)

    3. What will the Accela Document Group and Category values be?
  4. The following standard choices are available in Accela and can help improve performance:

      With this enabled for documents, the documents will be indexed for global search.

    • Document

      • This standard choice status is disabled by default to ensure sync from EDMS.

      • When enabled, the sync of documents will not occur regardless of other standard choice selections. If enabled, the Accela documents tab will not show documents arriving from EDMS.

    • Disable_Tab_Record_Count

      • When enabled, Accela will not load the document count until the Accela documents tab is clicked. This means number by documents count will not display on the record in Accela; however, when the documents tab is clicked, the EDMS will be called and the document list will be rebuilt.

      • This choice can have positive performance impacts on Accela since the Accela application will not need to rebuild the document list and send it to the Accela indexer each time a record is clicked within Accela.